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Welcome to participate in the most exciting and complete holistic medicine portal in Argentina and from Argentina to the rest of the world! Our services aim at attaining holistic health, that is, they address all the needs of the human being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. “Argentina Holística” wants to bring the best and latest information to you by presenting 21st century protocols by the most renowned medical doctors.

Our Vision  

We at Holistic Wellness promote precisely that: Holistic Health and Wellness in and from Argentina. This portal towels and candlesserves as a fountain of incredible wealth: the knowledge that you need to be in control of your health! What do you care about all the money in the world if you are sick and about to die? Money has NO value… On the contrary, we want you to enjoy your life to your fullest potential, live a long and productive life with all your faculties intact. We advocate “Mens sana in corpore sano”, para que el cuerpo esté sano necesita de una mente sana! To this purpose we have interviewed and gathered information about a great group of medical doctors, psychologists, therapists and other health professionals that could help you achieve optimal health.

Our Mission

black pebblesThrough this interdisciplinary approach, we offer the patient to access a holistic treatment for each particular disease. In each pathology, the professional will try to uncover the hidden cause instead of just treating the symptoms. While traditional medicine will many times say: “We do not know the cause of your problem, and there is no cure for it”. Holistic medicine, with its alternative approach and treatments, typically knows the cause, addresses the cause, knows the cure, and trains the patient to use those therapies that will bring his or her health back. We know that when we take care of our spirit, we reduce the levels of stress (both emotional and physical, we exercise and eat healthy, we recover!strawberry_theme_background

However, none of this can be accomplished without a personal determination and the use of free will power to do those things required in the journey of self-healing. It is ONLY by achieving this balance between our soul and body that we can promote holistic health and wellness. And this personal achievement will have a ripple effect in everyone around us, starting with those we love the most: our family and friends, and then the whole world, and the planet too.


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